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Our hero called “Frijolito” which means “Tiny Bean" is second generation immigrant of Mexicans in the USA. He constantly hears the racism in words used against him because of the color of his skin. One day his girlfriend Maria was arrested by ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – and Frijolito wants to rescue Maria from the Ice pólice. He falls asleep but his nap is interrupted by a Nazi skinhead, who the argues he can sleep in his country, The Nazi skinhead wants to hang Frijolito with a noose but in the end our hero cheats death by escaping and it is the Nazi who actually gets hung on the noose. After searching at ICE detention, Frijolito understands his Girlfriend is with the Orange Monster, the one Responsible for deporting all the Brown people from United States of Monsterland. In an epic Battle, Frijolito beats The Orange Monster and can rescue his Girlfriend, Maria. Made in the style of glove puppet with all the influence of the tradition of the Comedia del Arte le Guarattele Napolitane from Italy this puppet show is a way to teach kids and the entire audience who are the bad guys and how Frijolito fights against racism. #PUPPETSAGAINSTTHESYSTEM.

Photo by Ponkho Bermejo in Beloved Asheville.

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