"Edwin Salas, studio Performance" is dedicated to introducing the world of puppetry, theater, and dance. Build Puppets wood or other materials, giving encouragement and advice To lead as scenes with puppets.




"Performance Studio by Edwin Salas is a company that deals with a deep research in each of its proposals, there is a process of previous analysis full of nuances to achieve the exact combination between the puppet, the human factor, the elements to use both visual and auditory to interfere in the subjects you want to expose. " Alfredo Millan, scenic photographer.

"It is said that a monster ceases to be a monster when you love it. That's exactly what I felt when I photographed the work of Edwin Salas over several years. Edwin creates monsters - like Goya, like Bosco, like Roger Ballen - but he does it from love, from a deep understanding that faces evil but does not allow itself to be overcome by it, but transforms it into art and light. It is precisely that light that traces the images I have made at his side. And although I have sometimes wanted to look away, I force myself to keep my eyes open to fulfill the mission of helping this complex artist to widen the limits of our understanding of human nature. "David Flores Rubio, scenic photographer.


"He is a kind of" sorcerer "or" shaman "who takes over the scenarios to expose the moisture of the emotions and excites the human psyche of how and what we are capable of doing." Rolatuarte 2017