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With over 25 years of international experience in puppetry, Edwin Salas began his adventure in toy-art when he arrived in the United States in 2017.  As a child growing up in Costa Rica, Edwin did not have the luxury of having toys and relied on his imagination for play.  As an adult, he works to rectify this hole in his past by utilizing his creativity to invent toy-art inspired by pop culture of the many countries he has lived in throughout his life.  Edwin has different lines of toys such as “Salas Wars”, “Saddest Children of the Forest”, “Horror Figures” and “Mexican Bootlegs”.  In a world overrun with plastic, Edwin utilizes his background as a puppeteer to sculpt toys from wood.  His toys have recently been featured by DKE Toys in Comicons around the US.  If you are interested in any of the toys featured on this website you can claim them by emailing Edwin directly.  You may also find his toy-art on his Etsy Store or in The Horse and Hero Gallery in Asheville, NC.  Edwin also creates a toy-art on commission.  If you can imagine it, he can create it!  Just send a request.  





SALAS WARS is a line of bootleg toy-art inspired by WARS OF STARS but reimagined with a bit of humor and irony.  The first piece of SALAS WARS was the Storm Trooper, created in  wood, and is not featured in the “Art Wars Collection” in Warsaw, Poland.  But the saga continued with the commission from DKE Toys, for the San Diego Comicon, of 40 pieces of “Boba Wood” with a real spring loaded rocket like the legendary Kenner figure of the 70s.  Among this line of bootleg  toy-art includes figures such as: “Iga8 - The Carving Droid”, “Soy Tu Padre” (I’m Your Father), “The Cantina Guys” and thousands and thousands more!

_I am bad guy..
Its a trap
Nien Numb
Go in hell Anakin_#anakinskywalker _Asse
The Happy Family
The Happy Family
The Happy Family
Wampa revenge._#wampa
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Bobba wood comercial.





Toy art is brought to life with these mechanic oddities.  With his background in the mechanisms of puppetry, Edwin designs automatons with a continued movement.  Most of these pieces are commissioned pieces requested by customers.  Some of his commissions include “Cheddar Cheese Goblin” from the Movie Mandy, “GG Allen” the crazy punk singer, and even an Abraham Lincoln piece for a fan.  Again, if you can imagine it - he can create it!

Its Finish the automata of Sendak Monste
Automata of the character of the Pale Ma
The Cheddar Goblin automaton its finish.
Gg Allin automaton of the hell
Abraham Lincoln
Muerte con Oz, Automata
Where the Wild Things Are  by Maurice Sendak
Sendak Monster
Jason, Automaton
Drakula automaton
Drakula in process
Shape of the Water automaton
Shape of the water
Pale Man, Laberinto del fauno, automata
Pale man
the Exorcist, Automaton
The Exorcist
Goblin cheddar cheese Mandy automaton
Cheddar cheese Goblin
Hellboy, Automaton
tattoo automaton
Big man cry too
Star wars automaton
Star wars
Gojira, Godzilla, kaiju automaton
Texas chain wood massacre
Texas chain wood massacre
Freddy on wood street.
Freddy on wood street.
Gizmo Gremlins
Gizmo Gremlins
Abraham Lincoln automaton
Abraham Lincoln
Raccon automaton
Gutt Ghost from the comic of Enzo Garza. Automaton.
Gutt Ghost from the comic of Enzo Garza.
Edgar Allan Poe Never more automaton
Edgar Allan Poe

Horror toys


Horror toys.


This line of bootleg toys is inspired by the iconic horror films of the 1980s such as “Freddy Krueger”, “The Exorcist”, “Jason”, “Carrie” and “Black Lagoon Creature”.  He also creates figures inspired by new horror films such as “US” and “Pennywise” and the brand “My little Monster” idea of my Daughter Amapola.

We love make custom horror toys, please DM.

fugly Mexican toys


From the streets of Mexico, Edwin searches for bootleg treasures.  Using these figures, he creates a mix media art card using ironic statements such as “Soy tu Padre”.  “Bootleg I Am”  with plastic orange Yoda was featured in Designer Con in 2019.

Video complete of Toy Geeks.



Saddest Children of the Forest and other creatures.


This line of toy art is inspired by humans taking claim of animals natural habitats though deforestation and hunting.  For revenge against the humans, The Saddest Children of the Forest turn the tradition of hunting around so humans are now the prey.  The forest is reclaimed!